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SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply)

This is designed to stably feed voltage into electronic products by converting commercial AC power supply into controllable DC power supply using a semiconductor switching circuit and a transformer.

< Characteristic >
Securing competitiveness through joint development with the world's top manufacturers, miniaturization, and weight lightening
High efficiency, optimized circuits for low power consumption, and intact designs

< Application >
For Appliance
For Water Purifier / Air Purifier

Product structure

  • smps_05.png

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Features and Advantages

3-D simulation is used to review whether the SMPS can be assembled into instruments in advance, which allows for manufacturing in small size and in a simpler fashion as well as for ensuring the highly efficient and stabilized performance of stand-by power.

  • smps_08.jpg

Product Lineup

SMPS for Appliances (Based on a Major Model)

  • smps표_03.jpg

SMPS for Water Purifier / Air Purifier

  • smps제품사양_05.jpg